I'd be willing to say mine is about 3-4 inches. Member. There are some physical differences between males and females. This fish can live for three years or even longer when in a community aquarium. If I am not wrong, Butterfly ram is also Bolivian ram. Anonymous. Hello, I am going to be starting a 29 gallon tank soon, and I have already decided on most of the stocking with the help from some of the members here. The bolivian ram I kept for a few months I regret so badly getting rid of him/her. The male German blue ram can reach exceed 7 cm (2.7 in) in length, while the female fish stays a bit smaller. Very sad to find my female german blue ram very pale yesterday, and even more so today. Then move up to the German Blue. German and holland rams are Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. Thread starter #1 AshleyBetta Well Known. Black curved lines run along its body with a black dot roughly in the middle of the body. It comes and sold under many names, such as blue ram, ramirezi's dwarf cichlid, butterfly cichlid, and dwarf butterfly cichlid. Though, both these cichlids are dwarf ones, the blue ram is smaller in size then the bolivian ram and it growth up to 5 cm of body length. Author Note: If you want to keep more than one German Blue Ram in the same aquarium, it’s best to limit the number to two. Thread starter AshleyBetta; Start date Nov 23, 2014; Nov 23, 2014. The Electric Blue Ram is a color morph of the Ram Cichlid, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, which is native to Venezuela. Bolivian Rams vs German Blue Rams. The guy at the fishstore said there were Three kinds... German Blue Rams, Regular Blue Rams, and German Balloon Rams. They’ll leave the little critters alone and go about their business! She looks like she won't last much longer, and I'm not sure whats wrong with her. Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:44 am. Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) is a small, good looking and peaceful cichlid. Is there a difffrence betwee German Blue and Regular Blue. They're really not that delicate. I mistook this for dangerous aggression and rehomed him. Compatible tankmates: As far as Cichlids go, Bolivian Rams are some of the most peaceful. If your looking to get into dwarf cichlids start with the Bolivian Ram. This particular variant is known for the incredible neon blue coloration that covers almost its entire body in both males and females. It is found throughout the Amazon River, in both Brazil and Bolivia. The rams above I got at the same time. Or better yet, get 2 of each ram (Bolivian and German) and the risks of getting breeders will decrease (still try to get males). Ram cichlid (lat. If you've got money to spend, see if you can find electric blue rams. 4:13. Though they are not especially colorful, … Messages 528 Reaction score 22 Location Idaho Experience 5 to 10 years Lol sorry, I've been posting wayyy too many threads lately. Ardumedes. Someone told me this, I'm 99% sure they are wrong, but can someone back me up on this one? Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:40 am. Bolivian rams are actually decent sized. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) is a small, good looking, peaceful fish. Do Mollies Eat Algae? May even want to consider getting different kinds of Rams (i.e. Typically, females are a bit smaller than males. What Are The Main Differences Between Sponge Filter And Canister Filter? Any help would … Thanks! They are complemented by streaks of light pearly blue. Balloon rams are purposed breeding to create the rams into the round round ballooned up shape, where all the intestines and internals of the fish is squeezed up into a much smaller cavity than … But as best as I can tell from the fins, both appear to be male. Hello, I am trying to buy Rams. Your Blue Ram and your Gold Ram are other color morphs of this same species. Generally, wild caught specimens have more visible lines than captive bred fish. It can handle hard, alkaline water much better than a GBR can. German Blue ram tank mates? You can also keep them shrimp such as the Amano or Red Cherry. Although it was discovered 30 years later than it’s relative bolivian ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) but it is a butterfly cichlid that is widely known and sold.. I was a relative newbie and he would exert his/her dominance on the sunset gouramis I kept at the time. Stocking: 2 Female Swordtails … They have an elongated oval shaped body they reaches around 3.5 inches once fully grown. Bolivian Ram VS German Ram. Another LIVE FEEDING! The fish is a bit more aggressive than its relative – ram cichlid, though if comparing it with cichlid species in general it’s not aggressive at all. Plus, males often have elongated filaments on their dorsal fins. Bolivian ram cichlid (lat. I personally keep german blue, I find their coloration more attractive. Appearance. See more ideas about cichlids, fish pet, aquarium fish. In rare cases, a full grown adult may make a go at a tetra to eat (not aggression), but it would have to be pretty big and the tetra would have to be really small for it to be interested. I'd say get a blue ram. Recent Posts . Blue Rams like it considerably warmer and therefore to get the most out of them it is better to keep them at this warmer temp (30C for me) - which is limiting other species that can be kept with them. It has a delicate elongated oval shape adorned with long pointed fins and tail. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi or german blue ram is a tiny and colorful freshwater cichlid popular in the aquarium hobby. Blue, Bolivian, German). To keep other species with them you compromise on behalf of the Blue Rams and although they will still breed etc the colours and fry development just isn't as significant. 80 degrees and more acidic water are preferable for both Bolivian and German blue rams. What Are The Differences Between Bolivian Ram Vs German Blue Ram? That I think is a male but some say it's a girl but I think it's a boy.I am going to get it a mate when some come in at the lfs in the next month or so. Absolutely impossible. Rams and small tetras are fine. Blue Rams vs. German Blue Rams: Garofoli Big Fish Posts: 337 Kudos: 143 Votes: 27 Registered: 12-Apr-2006 . A Friendly Online Community For Cichlid Enthusiasts. The ram never did any damage but he would let them know he didn't not appreciate it when they came down into his area. Member . The German Blue Ram is a very colorful fish, it has a bright yellow-ish, almost green body and head with the rest of the body being blue/white. You should also line the bottom of the tank with sand or gravel and add plenty of plants, rocks, and caves for your fish to hide in. It's almost impossible to get all males/all females when you get that many anyways. Btw I know it is a stupid question. Also, Bolivian Rams do not get sick as easily as German Blue Rams. Here’s The Answer! 1 decade ago. An In-depth Look At How To Care For German Blue Ram Cichlids. They're mistakenly in the same … You have to observe the fish's interactions. The Electric Blue Ram Cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi “Electric Blue”) is a very beautiful, tank-raised variant of its species. I recently found out about Bolivian Rams, and I am wondering if they have the same size/care level as German Rams. 0 0. Personally I think 3 females and one male slightly (less than a half inch) smaller male would be the perfect Ram community. The Bolivian Ram is Mikrogreophagus altispinosa and is native, of course, to Bolivia. German blue rams are normally only found where there is plenty of covers consisting of aquatic plants or submerged land vegetation.